Thursday, April 23, 2009

Be Kind To Your Feet

A few years ago I was browsing in Global Table and ran into one of those extraordinarily, effortlessly stylish women.  She was tall, tan, bohemian...everything I'm looking to be during the summer but never quite seem to achieve.  But what I recall about her most was her sandals.  They were unusual, a little edgy and struck me as quite innovative.  When I inquired as to where she found them, she told me they were made by Matt Bernson.  And because I have occasional stalker tendencies, I went home and tracked the shoes down online, and for your viewing pleasure have posted them here:

I never ended up buying them, mostly because at the time Mr. Bernson wasn't selling them on his website.  They were only available through various boutiques, the names of which I could never remember when I was out shopping, so I remained Bernson-less.

So imagine my joy when I was browsing on Piperlime the other day and discovered that the site carries virtually his entire line now!  AND he is also finally selling them on his own site, for a couple of bucks cheaper.

Love this one for a little color:

If I'm pretending to be a starlet a la Gwyneth I think these gladiators would do nicely:
But even so, I think these Barracudas are my current favorite...or obsession really.  I have them bookmarked.

So once it stops raining and I drag myself out to get a pedicure, perhaps I'll be in the mood to buy them.  And I'll be a mini-step closer to being that effortlessly stylish, bohemian woman that someone else admires in Global Table.  I think the tan and tall part is sort of a lost cause though.  


Hayley said...

Those strappy, colorful ones are the best. I love Piperlime. Thanks for sharing!

Laura [What I Like] said...

They are totally reminding me of beaches and palm trees...the color puts me in a good mood!

VV said...

They are very cute. I almost bought the Barracuda ones on Piperlime yesterday!

Laura [What I Like] said...

Oh good, glad I'm not the only one procrastinating about getting my summer footwear together!

LMH said...

I love it:
"occasional stalker tendancies". We could all work for the CIA! I have written about being so easily in the Pier I Easter bunnies...
Loved your blog.


TmJL said...

I love the colored ones! Although I don't think my feet could handle them - they look to have no arch support what-so-ever (and my picky feet don't do well without support). Happy shopping!

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