Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Bounty

At 80+ degrees in New York today, it is a postcard perfect weekend.  The full bounty of spring hasn't quite hit the farmers market yet, although the ramps are larger and more lush than they were last week, and spinach seems to be making its annual debut, along with some of the other greens like mustard greens and watercress.  But oh the flowers!

The legendary James Durr, a wholesale florist who makes an appearance at Union Square each Saturday, has a welcome new additions to his fleet of flowering branches.  Dogwood!

I find those raised green centers so charming:

But the scale of my apartment isn't appropriate for the statuesque nature of these boughs, so I chose to take home one of the other welcome additions, lilacs.

I find lilacs so genteel and romantic.  They have quite a relaxed, soft feeling to me, I think because the stems are flexible and the clusters of flowers are a bit loose.

I took the blousy bouquet home and arranged it:

And it ended guessed it...

...on my bathroom sink!

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Rebekka said...

I think that's a great place for them :)

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