Friday, April 24, 2009

My Random Roundup

To commemorate Earth Day this past week, Oprah dedicated a show to trash.  Or rather, how to reduce it.  On her table full of reusable lunch packaging options, this little jewel of a lunch box jumped out at me. 

In a variety of colors.
Way more chic than my takeout containers that I use to bring my lunch to work currently.

Drew Barrymore showed us once and for all that she possesses the acting chops that her family is famous for with her fabulous performance in Grey Gardens on HBO.  And Jessica Lange shows us yet again why she is one of the great actresses working today.  I watched it on Monday and it is still on my mind.  I highly recommend it.

The Amateur Gourmet inspired me to make another trip out to Red Hook this weekend on the Ikea ferry in search of baked goods with his mouthwatering post about Baked.

I've fallen in love with a new food blog, 64 sq ft kitchen.

Nom de Plume inspires me to go forward with summer desserts regardless of whether or not the weather is cooperating.

And the calves at St. Brigid's Farm are doing splendidly!


pve design said...

I too loved Grey Gardens, if only those ladies had these chic containers to hold cat food and pate! lol!
I have a thing for pyrex glass bowls.
classic and I love glass.

Jo said...

Thank you for stopping by, it's nice to meet you!

Great post ~ I need to find those containers and fill them with a few goodies from the sites you featured.


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