Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Age Old Problem

Given how eventful this summer has been it seems odd to say that it has passed quickly.  A month ago, dragging myself around the streets of New York in the most extreme heat the city has ever seen, it felt that autumn would take ages to arrive.  But, I blinked and it is now just around the corner.

Having been out of town more weekends than not of late (mercifully, I evaded the drama of Madame Irene by basking on southern California beaches last weekend), I could not be more thrilled to have three whole days to putter around the city.

I figured I'd kick it off with a visit to the new Laduree store on the Upper East Side, the arrival of which I've been hotly anticipating.  The popularity of macarons has left the city vulnerable to a flood of awful imitations, and it is high time to push back with the real thing.

Sadly, I was not the only one with this idea.

Ah, New York.  Each time I think I've got a unique notion, you remind me that I'm actually just following the crowd.

Another attempt shall be made today.  Let the Labor Day puttering begin!
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