Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This Week's Bathroom Bouquet

I absolutely adore fresh flowers, and get a particular lift from them when they are positioned on my bathroom sink. Two weeks ago it was a brilliant bunch of tulips from the farmer's market. Sadly, they were a bit short lived, but that is par for the course for tulips I believe. Although I have heard that putting a pin through the stem just below the bloom extends the life a bit, so I will have to give that a try next time around.

Last week it was pale green roses from a bodega on Sixth Avenue, which were surprisingly long lived, and this week, it is a bunch of Green Bells of Ireland.

I picked them up at the Dean & Deluca on 85th and Madison on Saturday, and they are still going strong, drawing up a vase full of water each day.

They are perhaps odd, but I love that the bouquet is a bit unkempt looking. It reminds me of an English country garden, and the green is a little different, a nice break from the nearly saccarhine hues of tulips. It has inspired me to make a trip to the flower market to scavenge for unusual blooms and green matter.

Perhaps then I will at least have a shot at recreating the great arrangements of Cas Trap and Remco van Vliet (their company, Van Vliet & Trap, is the official florists for the Metropolitan Museum). I mean just look at this:

photo credit: Martha Stewart

Something to aspire to at least.


Rebekka said...


Wish I had a bathroom sink big enough to position flowers on :)

Mary-Laure said...

I have to say the bathroom is the 1 room in my place where I have no bouquets - what a good diea you had!

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