Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekly Bouquet

Oh what a glorious Saturday!  I not only shunned a coat this morning but also wore a summer skirt and was not a bit sorry.  The weather cooperated quite nicely and I was able to drink up the loads of sunlight as I wandered around Union Square.  A few more bits of green have shown up, so now in addition to ramps we've got spinach, watercress and dandelion greens.  And, joy of joys, my favorite purveyor of potted herbs, Binder Farms, has returned after their winter hiatus.  Hooray!

Although the potted flowers at the market have hit their stride with crocuses, orchids, flowering tree boughs, daffodils and hydrangeas, the cut flowers are still a bit one note with tulips dominating the scene.  So, as I've had my fill of tulips for the time being, I had to resort to Trader Joe's for my bouquet this week.

I picked up a bouquet of red and orange ranunculas ($5.99) and two bunches of daffodils ($1.29 each!) and combined them:

And now they sit happily on my bathroom counter, ready for the week ahead!

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Sikantis said...

Wow, your pictures are beautiful! Great.

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