Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How Lovely

My sister and I share a love of nice stationery. So when her birthday rolled around this year, I thought that some special note cards would be an appropriate gift. But it can be a bit difficult to find a compelling design. Obviously companies like Mrs. John L. Strong makes a fabulous product, but good lord, have you seen those prices?!! And a lot of the other options with high quality paper (an absolute must in my book) are totally devoid of any whimsy.

So I decided to look into making a set myself. I had heard wonderful things about a website called PaperSource, and my sources did not let me down. PaperSource not only sells their own stationery designs, but also sells notecards, folding cards and envelopes in every size and color under the sun. They sell decorative paper, gift wrap, crafting supplies and, my current obsession, embossers! Is it overly lame to emboss my initials on note cards by the way?

In the end, I purchased a cute little ladybug stamp, a red stamp pad, parchment colored note cards and envelopes, envelope liner templates and decorative paper with which to line said envelopes.

And I got to work stamping away:

And lining away:

Lining envelopes is stunningly easy, in addition to being immensely satisfying. All it requires is this template kit, some decorative paper that you find pleasing, scissors, a couple of paperclips and a glue stick, et voila!

A cute little stationery set.


Terry B said...

The whole idea of stationery is a wonderful reminder of the art of actual letter writing. As much as I like the immediacy of email, there's something so enjoyable about the whole process of writing a letter or postcard, dropping it in the mail and anticipating its arrival. And when I send something, even to friends with whom I'm in regular email contact, I always hear how nice it was to get actual mail. For a long time, I used to buy unwritten on vintage postcards and occasionally used them as greeting cards or quick notes. Those were always a big hit.

pve design said...

lady, those are so lovely!

Laura [What I Like] said...

Aw, thanks PVE! I cannot even imagine what kind of a fabulous product you'd come up with if you tried your hand at stationery....

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