Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All Around the World

Every time I find myself in one of those houses or apartments that feels like the home of some impossibly sophisticated, rich and free spirited world traveler, I get intense stabs of envy.  You know the kind of place I mean...full of eclectic, exotic, expensive furniture, art and knick knacks from every corner of the earth.  I want to be an independently wealthy globe trotter!

It's not quite a substitute for the good life, but Global Table does momentarily transport all that walk through the door to the land of the glamorous, bizarre and colorful.  Oddly, it's also totally affordable, which I suppose helps to create at least the illusion of unlimited wealth.

It's a tiny jewel box of a place, with shelves and tables lined with vivid and oddly shaped ceramic vessels, glasses, and various trays.  There really are very few items in the store that I do not love.  I do not seem to be alone in this...more often than not I seem to be surrounded by various types of stylists coming in for items to style one shoot or another.

I'm always a sucker for wooden bowls.  I think it must come from growing up among the California redwoods, or maybe it's because my dad always made the nightly family salad in one, which to this day my parents still use.  Either way, I feel like it's easy to find nice ones, but it's extremely hard to find affordable ones ($400?  Really Dean & Deluca?)  At $125 this one is not particularly cheap, but it's teak, you'll have it for years...I'm sure you can find some way to justify it.  Plus they have other shapes for $80-$90 if you prefer.

There are horn bowls for $40, snakeskin trays for $35 - $45, japanese tea sets for $54, glasses, dinnerware...the list just goes on. 

And these vases?  These probably run anywhere from $18 to $40.  I mean just ridiculous.  

I love walking into a store where I don't immediately think, god this is a rip off.  I could get this in India for 10 cents!  Never even crosses my mind here.  I prefer to think that Global Table saves me thousands in airfare instead.

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