Thursday, October 30, 2008

Geeking Out

Kearney, who is much more book obsessed than I (in a two week span down in Brazil last winter I literally saw her go through at least five books, it was humbling to say the least), just introduced me to GoodReads, which is essentially Facebook for bibliophiles crossed with a book version of Netflix.  

You can add friends, see what they're reading, what they've read, what they thought of the books they've read (the Facebook part), and you can while away hours and hours reviewing books you've already read by clicking between one and five stars (I spent at least 50% of my time at my first job in New York doing just this on Netflix).  So far quite entertaining, and an excellent way to indulge my geeky side.  

The site also provides an easy way to keep track of books you'd like to read...highly superior to my current method of writing down titles on scraps of paper floating around in my purse when I come across books that seem interesting (mostly when I'm in McNally-Robinson) and then emailing them to myself.

Another book-related recommendation:  if you like books but still haven't made the transition over to using the library, check out PaperbackSwap.  People looking to unload their books in exchange for other titles post them on the website.  If you're interested in the book all you pay for is the shipping.  You get credits for posting books, which are then redeemed when you request a book.  The Wall Street Journal explains it all here.  Great site, and tons of titles.  And the whole recycling/reusing aspect is so very now.


wambalus said...

That is awesome. Does that Paperbackswaps have a UK version do you know?

Laura said...

This link talks about something similar, although I think it's much smaller. But then the UK is much smaller than the US so I guess that makes sense.

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