Wednesday, October 22, 2008

All That Sparkles

I am not a particularly Connecticut person.  My style tends more towards tatty than preppy, and I'm more comfortable on city rooftops than on expansive lawns.  But that said, the two Connecticut experiences that I've have had have been highly enjoyable.  The first was quick lunch stop at Louis' Lunch for a burger en route to Martha's Vineyard (delicious, and I love the toast in lieu of a bun), the second was an antiquing trip to Litchfield with Tira and her mom.  I think I'm even less of an antiquing person than I am a Connecticut person, but it was a surprisingly fun experience.

The highlight of the trip was unquestionably our visit to Lawrence Jeffrey Estate Jewelers.  Now I love jewelry.  Not costume jewelry, but real jewelry, and I like old (or at least old looking) jewelry.  I won't subject you to my tirade against giant nouveau diamond rings from 47th Street, but suffice to say I think they're gross.  I've found that my tastes tend to translate to expensive jewelry, which I guess explains why I don't actually own any.

But I've always loved to look, and I probably spend more time than is reasonable on the Lawrence Jeffrey website.  Seriously, how could I not?  I mean how beautiful are these pieces?

Now this last one is the real show stopper.  Tira tried it on while we were up there, and I don't think it left her finger for a good thirty minutes.  In the end she decided $39,000 was a little steep, but she wasn't happy about taking it off.  Although given that our little jaunt was at least a year ago, and the ring is still listed for sale on the website, I can only guess that she is not the only one who found the price prohibitive.

Anyway, until the day that I have the disposable income to indulge my little obsession, the pictures will have to suffice.  Sigh.  But for those richer than I, please, go forth and acquire.  Such gorgeous pieces deserve a good home.

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