Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Summer Fairy Tale

The flower vendors at the Union Square Greenmarket are now starting to sell bunches of eucalyptus rather than bunches of dahlias, and I'm seeing more apples than peaches these days, which I guess means fall is pretty much here.  For the most part I'm happy about it.  I tend to get bored of the warm weather by the end of summer and generally welcome the resurrection of all things wool every October.  My one regret this year is that the adorable little fairy tale eggplants (they're only a couple of inches long) that I've been snacking on all summer will soon be gone from the market.

To prepare these little beauties, I cut them in half lengthwise, sprinkle the cut side with some flaked salt, sautee them in olive oil over medium heat for three, maybe four minutes on each side, et voila, the perfect snack!  They are creamy and smooth, and taste almost nutty once cooked.  Also the squeamish child in me is thrilled that the seeds are microscopic.  Sadly, I suspect that I will not derive such joy from the upcoming winter squash harvest.

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