Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Living Vicariously

Thanks to Open House New York, I spent this past weekend touring exorbitantly expensive, often very beautiful, homes.  The first highlight of the weekend:  Metal Shutter Houses.   Designed by Shigeru Ban, the west chelsea building has ten apartments, all of which have moveable windows, walls, shutters, all just breathtaking.  I want to live a minimalist, clean and organized life in one of these sleek cubes.  Take a look at the animation on the website, it is stunning.  The building is supposedly going to be done in December, here's hoping it lives up to the renderings.

Metal Shutters Open

Metal Shutters Closed

Metal Shutters Closed at Dusk

Second highlight:  Metropolitan Home's Showtime House.  A beautiful townhouse at 23 Gramercy Park, each room was decorated by a different designer, and was designed with a Showtime show as the theme.

The Tudors Living Room

Dexter Dining Room

I didn't necessarily love every room, but they were all creative, and certainly challenged my ideas of how various areas of a house should function.  Plus which, the house itself was pretty unbelievable...the view out the window of the bedroom was of treetops!  I was lucky enough to visit the house for free through Open House, but it is open to the public every Saturday and Sunday through October 26th, for $25 per person.  Certainly worth a visit.

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