Thursday, March 5, 2009

Keeping It Together

Have you all seen these Keep Calm And Carry On posters?

They make me smile, and are really so appropriate for our times. Apparently the design was originally created by the British government during World War II, and the posters were meant to be posted during crisis periods to keep the populace, well...calm, I suppose.

The design was rediscovered and then reproduced by this independent bookseller. As it is only $5.60 from this particular vendor, I simply had to order one for the office. I figure it is a particularly relevant sentiment for the workplace.

But if a giant red poster is a bit much for you at home (I personally like the booming, british military quality it has, but I can see how other options could be more desirable), there are a myriad of other color options if you are willing to pay between $25 and $75.

This silver one is quite nice I think:

This other silver one is lovely is so ethereal:

I absolutely hate the pink:

It reminds me of something that a blond self help guru I once saw on Oprah who kept referring to the quantum physics of the universe would have on her "me time" room wall.

Of course my favorite color scheme, as shown in this kitchen on Apartment Therapy, is nowhere to be found online.

Oh well, we all need goals and quests to keep us entertained. This shall be mine.


JMW said...

We have one hanging in our kitchen - it's gold. Love it. I agree, it makes you think about slowing down, taking life as it comes.

Mom & Robin said...

We want the apartment.

Laura [What I Like] said...

Yes, yes, as do I.

Rob M said...

Love these. I'm trying to convince Lisa to let us buy this one and a similar print for the home office.

Laura [What I Like] said...

Why the reluctance? She doesn't want to support the colonial power?

annechovie said...

These are great! Thanks!

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