Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Core Value

Now that we've had a glimpse, however brief, of spring weather, my mind is jumping ahead to beaches and bikinis (nevermind that it is currently grey and cold outside).  The thoughts are quite happy, although he fact that I have not exactly worked out (unless you count climbing subway stairs) in many months is now is weighing on my mind more heavily than it was when my mind was stuck firmly in winter.

So when I saw an item in New York Magazine touting a special offer of $20 duet training sessions at re:AB pilates studio, I got on the phone immediately.  You see, re:AB is one of those places I tried years ago and really enjoyed, but as a somewhat fickle person when it comes to haircuts, exercise studios, eyebrow waxers and the like, I abandoned it for no good reason, and promptly forgot it existed.

It is probably one of the older studios in the city, which I like.  It is in a vaguely decrepit loft building on Bleecker between Lafayette and Bowery, which gives it a welcome "New York prior to Disney-fication" vibe.

The prices, of course, do not share such a vibe, which is why I was so excited about the recession era offer.

Turns out a lot of other people were as well.  Laia and I couldn't get an appointment for late evening until April!  Although, just FYI, they have lots and lots of late afternoon spots open as early as this week if anyone is interested.

But apparently they have been getting so many calls about the offer that they have started giving another, more easily honored, offer.  3 mat classes for $30.  Given that one mat class is usually $24, it really is quite the deal.  And this evening, I commenced my workout regime in anticipation of swimsuit season with one of these classes.  Needless to say, I got my ass handed to me.  Not sure whether it has more to do with the class being effective or me being woefully out of shape, but for $10 you might as well go and find out for yourself!


Joyce said...

I'm glad you found the deal. As for me I see the sun starting to come out and it gets my butt out there to do something since summer is coming. lol...
Have a golden day!

pve design said...

Good for you.

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