Friday, March 27, 2009

The Intellectual Type

I recently came across a blog written by the pastry chef at Le Bernadin, Michael Laiskonis, called Notes From The Kitchen and I have to say that I'm finding it totally compelling.

                                                                                                             photo: Gourmet Magazine

Maybe it's because I just finished reading The Reach of the Chef, which provides a look at some of the most exacting kitchens in the country, but I am suddenly fascinated by what happens behind the scenes at high end restaurants, and this very sophisticated blog satisfies this fascination of mine extraordinarily well.  

Mr. Laiskonis seems to be quite the intellectual, so his anecdotes have a distinctly philosophical bent, which is a wonderful departure from the normal you-have-no-idea-how-hot/fast/stressful/glamorous/amazing-a restaurant-kitchen-is that you often get in restaurant-related writing.  His musings cover everything from how he conceives of his phenomenally innovative dishes (his "egg" is a prime example) to how to manage up and coming chefs.  

And if you're looking for recipes, check out his website Workbook, where he generously posts them.  I'm a little obsessed with the idea of his Earl Gray ganache.  Well I'm generally obsessed with Earl Gray, especially after my Earl Gray cocktail at the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong last year, which was possibly the best drink I've ever had.  And his bacon brittle sounds unbelievable.  Possibly even better than the chocolate covered bacon from Roni-Sue's.  Or actually, most probably, no offense to the lovely Miss Roni-Sue.  I mean this is Le Bernadin we're talking about here.


wambalus said...

I love earl grey as well. You should see if you can find this french chocolate called Dauphin, they make an earl grey dark chocolate that is just wonderful. I also like the cannelle but it's very strong so if you don't like cinnamon give it a miss.

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of his!

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