Friday, March 6, 2009

En Italia

Last week I posted about some of my favorite small hotels. But I failed to mention one of the more charming places I've ever stayed...because I had forgotten the name of it!

A bit of background. Back in 2001, my sister and I went to Florence for our spring break. I was a senior in college at the time, she was a sophomore, and it was our first time in Europe. We felt so sophisticated. Robin was in charge of the accommodations and she really hit it out of the park...with the Dei Mori Bed and Breakfast (she luckily enlightened me as to the name when I saw her in California this past weekend).

The Dei Mori is located very, very centrally...mere steps from the Duomo, and yet staying there is an extremely serene, non-touristy experience, as it is in an old townhouse on a rather secluded side street. The absolute best of both worlds.

The front door of said townhouse:

Once you climb the tiny staircase and get up to the establishment, you will find it to be charmingly labyrinthine:

Again, a serene experience, because you don't see too much of or hear too much from your fellow travelers unless you want to. Breakfast can be quite social (we met some lovely older ladies from Maine that we ate with most mornings) as is the front room in the afternoon. But it is totally your choice as to whether or not you want to speak to another human being.

The owners are, as is often the case with these small fabulous hotels, warm and wonderful. And they have absolutely impeccable style, so the rooms are perfectly appointed...tasteful but luxurious. My enduring memory of our room was that the bedding was totally opulent. The sheets were undeniably soft, and the bedspread was heavy in the best way possible, and was made of what looked to be navy blue silk with gold accents. Not normally my style, but in the middle of the ultimate renaissance city it was perfect.

And some of the rooms even have balconies!

As of 2001 I think we paid about $70 per night (they were still on the lira at the time) for a room with the bathroom down the hall (it was an amazing bathroom by the way, and I never saw another soul in there). Obviously prices have gone up since then, but either way the place is still such a deal. After looking at the website, Robin and I are all fired up about going back...soon, hopefully!


wambalus said...

Yeah, I reeeally want to go back.

pve design said...

Oh, what a lovely little trip down memory lane all the way to Italy. Looks like a lovely spot.

Laura [What I Like] said...

It truly is...I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Anonymous said...

thanks to your recommendation, i am staying there in two weeks' time!

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