Tuesday, January 6, 2009

M + J Savitt Jewelry Sale!

I have sort of a love affair with M + J Savitt jewelry. Marissa, whose dear friend is the daughter and niece of the two owners, was kind enough to take me to their sample sale last winter. Since it is, you know, nice, real, jewelry for the most part, the only thing I own is the one piece that I picked up there (the MOST awesome humungous chain necklace...and it's electric blue!). There were two rooms at the sale, the expensive one and the cheap one. You can guess which one I spent my time in.

But Gilt Group is running a sale for the line through tomorrow at noon, and thankfully, the cheap and expensive rooms are not quite so clearly demarcated. The cheapest piece is $44, and the most expensive is $325...not $2,000 or whatever it was at the physical sale (I guess this means the high end stuff stays off the internet, but whatever, it still makes me feel a little less cheap).

So quick, before the lovely necklaces and bangles are gone, take a look!

Oh, and if you're not a Gilt member, send me your email and I'll "invite" you (in the interest of full disclosure, if I invite you and you buy something, I get $25...see? I am cheap, cheap is me).


Anonymous said...

What do you mean sample sale??? I can't even figure out where to buy any of Savitt's jewelry!! Bergdorf & Neiman's have just a few pieces, but I'd love to know where I can view/buy more. Do you know??

Anonymous said...

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