Sunday, January 11, 2009

English Gardens in L.A.

Despite the fact that my own home decor is closer to run-of-the-mill than outrageously stylish (I think the only defining feature of our apartment is an extraordinary number of plants...I could do with getting rid of one or two but Paul refuses to leave them out on the curb to "die a horrible death"), I have always been a little obsessed with design.  I love Elle Decor, Domino, Dwell, Maison Francaise, and now that I have discovered the world of design blogs, I am able to obsess on a daily, rather than monthly, basis.

My latest love is a blog called A Bloomsbury Life, which I came to through another fantastic blog, Habitually Chic.

Bloomsbury is written by a very cosmopolitan woman who, by way of Europe, New York and London, ended up in L.A.  She and her husband apparently bought their house a year or so ago and have been decorating it ever since, and from what I can tell, the woman has more style in her pinky finger than me and my twenty closest friends possess collectively.

Her very sexy yet smart dining room (how amazing is the wallpaper?):

I love that the kitchen looks classic but somehow avoids that Restoration Hardware trap (i.e. looking like every catalogue kitchen) I'm absolutely obsessed with Aga stoves:

I think the sheep is hysterical and that bench is so hip and unexpected with that wallpaper: 

And the piece that really made me fall in love?

I find these to be so wonderfully morbid yet whimsical.

Anyway, turns out that she not only has excellent taste in all matters aesthetic, but she also has the most interesting taste in books.  A woman after my heart.

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