Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Demise of Whatever?

Jason Epstein's latest musings on The Daily Beast are provoking my thoughts today. He argues that the internet will save the book industry, that the physical book will be a thing of the past. I find it so interesting that the publishing, music and movie industries all seem to have fallen prey to the same problem (over-reliance on blockbusters, and not enough attention to the smaller, less immediately profitable, more artistically challenging projects), and in a way are moving towards the same solution. Larger inventory/booklist/catalogue, of the type that used to be available, and now is newly available through iTunes/Amazon, taking the place of the small but commercially popular "hit lists".

The record/tape/CD has become a thing of the past, the DVD seems to be on its way out...does this mean that the book will follow?

I for one, hope not. I don't know what my excuse would be for carrying a giant purse if I had no book to stuff in it!

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