Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brightness In A Sea Of Darkness

I live and work in Lower Manhattan.  I have a true affection for the the same way that a lot of people who grew up in less than picturesque places love their hometown.  It's not the prettiest place, it's not the coolest, but I've had good times here and I kind of like that everyone else thinks of it as the Siberia of Manhattan.

But I will admit that at times, I find the landscape, particularly when it comes to food and drink, a little bleak.  I have my favorites, like Bread & Olive, Zaitzeff, Financier, and occasionally I crave the moules mouclade from Les Halles (and the very excellent fries), but the limited options sometimes do make me feel like the neighborhood is the towheaded stepchild of the island.

Perhaps this is why I was so overjoyed when I saw that Zibetto Espresso Bar had opened on Fulton Street.  

Zibetto, although it is owned by a Greek, is quite the quintessential Italian espresso bar.  Just like in Italy, there are no chairs.  Just a long, narrow, marble bar that you can stand against whilst sipping your coffee of choice out of real cups.  Real, substantial, ceramic cups.  None of this paper stuff (unless of course you feel the need to ask for it).

The coffee is phenomenal, the baristas make beautiful milk foam designs in your cappucino...the whole experience is just so...civilized.

And, if you're craving a little something to go along with your cookie, they have many, many tiny little one or two bite sweets...a checkerboard cookie or a biscotti, along with a cappucino, is the perfect 3:00 pick me up.  And if you need something a bit more substantial than tiny cookies, Zibetto also has a beautiful selection of panini.

Hopefully this is a harbinger of good things to come for my poor little (beloved) neighborhood.

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