Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Possessed By Martha

In advance, I'm really sorry about the obsessive domestic perfection aspect of this post.  I think that aliens may have swapped my brain with Martha Stewart's over the weekend.  But I have got to share my little discovery with you.  Whether you have got to listen (or in this case, read on) is of course entirely up to you.  

Although I'm a fairly organized person, my freezer has always been a little bit of a disaster.  I always had bags of various vegetables, nuts, potstickers and god knows what else falling out on me when I would open the door, and half of the bags were open or not sealing properly or in some other condition that was contributing to the chaos.

Then I was sitting at home one day a few months back watching a Barefoot Contessa marathon on TV and I noticed that she always seems to have everything stored in those translucent pint and quart size plastic takeout containers.  

I was inspired by the orderliness of it all, so after twenty minutes of searching for a website that sold these containers in quantities of less than 1,000, I ordered fifteen of each size from this website.  And they cost about $0.30 each.  Hard to beat.

So they arrived, and I proceeded to make quarts and quarts of stock and tomato sauce to fill them, and to fill my freezer. 

But how to keep track of what is what, and when it was made?  Ah, I'm glad you asked.  Because now I can tell you about my other nerdy domestic discovery.  You can write on the lids (or I suppose on the containers) with a Dry-Erase marker!  And it stays on until you wipe it off with a paper towel!  


A new batch of nuts I just bought from Trader Joe's:

With personalized lids!

OK, I promise this is a phase.  I'm over it now.  I will return to normal post haste.


Rob M. said...

This is highly OCD ...

Laura said...

But it's so great! It makes everything so organized!

Anonymous said...

I know ... you're preaching to the converted. I'm already highly OCD.

I get up half an hour earlier than I need to so that I can have 20mins to clean the condo before I leave for work.

Laura said...

Thanks for the support, Anonymous!

Rob M. said...

Anonymous was me!

Laura said...

I should have guessed that you were the one getting up and cleaning your house before work.

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea -- I LOVE the dry-erase marker idea! I'm gonna go and reorganize my freezers!

By the way:
No need to order online -- they sell Ziploc or Glad brand reusable plastic containers at the supermarket.

Also -- if you get rectangular containers, they fit together and you can fit more in!

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