Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Must See

After our indulgent visit to Takashimaya on Saturday, Robin and I heeded our dear parents' advice to go see an early evening showing of the the French thriller/murder mystery Tell No One.

And may I just say, fan-freaking-tastic recommendation. I know quite a few people who openly consider foreign films a chore (and quite a few who, concerned about being seen as a philistine, not-so-openly consider them a chore), but this film is the farthest thing from it.

For those of you who have some rusty elementary/high school/college french at your disposal, you will actually be able to understand a great deal of this movie without the subtitles (this was a total thrill for me). For those who do not, just suck it up and read them.

The story is wonderful. The acting is fabulous, and the characters are sympathetic, horrible, funny, conflicted...just everything you're looking for in a straightforward, old-school, very smart, thriller. And, as a plus, I was totally inspired by Kristen Scott Thomas...can I please look like this when I'm 48?

She's so cool looking, so chic, and just seems like she's loving who she is. And I would bet a fairly considerable sum that she has had no work whatsoever done. I guess it comes from living in France for the past 20 years.

But as usual, I digress. It's playing at Cinema Village at 22 East 12th Street. Go quickly, waste no time, as it is they're only playing it once a day. I fear it will be gone soon!


wambalus said...

I second this - go see it!

Terry B said...

I've hard great things about this movie. Now with your recommendation, I'll definitely check it out. If you're looking for retro French thriller fun, you should find the '80s film Diva. A great story stylishly told.

Laura said...

Love retro thrillers, french or otherwise! It is going on my Netflix list immediately.

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