Friday, December 12, 2008

Gift Wrapping Galore

My family tends not to go too overboard with gifts.  We don't buy each other plasma TVs for Christmas or expensive jewelry.  We tend more towards books, particularly good strainers and sturdy rain boots for presents at Christmas and birthdays.  My parents are very generous when it comes to graduation presents though, which I suppose explains why both my sister and I have multiple degrees.

But this year especially, it seems as if small, less expensive gifts are in order.  However, that doesn't mean we have to be overly dour about it all.  The answer to small presents?  Big wrapping!

And great wrapping calls for something beyond the flimsy wrapping paper and synthetic ribbon from your local Walgreens.  

Lately, my favorite spot for gift wrapping supplies has been the Container Store.  Wonderful thick wrapping paper like this hammered copper

paired with this lovely satin ribbon from Charles Clay & Sons make for a very classy gift. 

And the fact that these can be found in the same store that promises complete domestic organization (which I am constantly striving for but never quite seem to achieve, and guess is the reason I love the store so much...the eternal promise of greatness) is a very good thing.

If you want to move into a broader array of wrapping options, if you are ready for more advanced gift wrapping, it's time for Kate's Paperie.  As the name implies, there are papers galore, and really beautiful, unique ones, such as this pattern:
And how luxurious is this?

And I find these so retro and cheerful
OK, now that you've got your paper, on to the ribbon.  There is an absolutely amazing store in the Garment District called M&J Trimming.  Located at 1008 Sixth Avenue, it is dedicated entirely to ribbons and other types of trim.

You will be amazed at how many kinds of ribbon there are:


hand dyed silk ribbon

  pleated satin

So go check it all out, put some thought into your wrapping.  It makes Christmas sooooo much better.  Plus your tree will look amazing with all of the Martha Stewart-worthy packages beneath it.

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