Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Macaron Update!

One of my new favorite food blogs is David Lebovitz, which is written by none other than David Lebovitz, a former Chez Panisse pastry chef living in Paris. He seems to share my minor, verging on major, obsession with the little french gems that are macarons, so I feel a certain kinship with the man. However, our connection has become a bit tenuous based on one of his recent posts...he laments the fact here that the genius Pierre Herme has fashioned a foie gras and chocolate macaron, thus creating the one and only macaron he could never consider eating. Sacre bleu! There is no such thing to me as an inedible macaron.

I mean, am I totally alone in thinking that this combination would be kind of amazing?


wambalus said...

Um, ew. That's right up there with Heston Blumenthal's snail porridge.

Laura said...

I beg to differ. If you can make mole sauce out of chocolate, why not an accompaniment to foie gras?

wambalus said...

Well the whole concept of foie gras is deeply unappealing to a vegan ... chocolate and chili is totally different

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