Sunday, May 2, 2010

Around the World In an Hour

I'll admit that, as much as I love wandering around the streets of New York, I find that shopping in this city can be a draining experience.  In the same way that I can only stay in a museum for ninety minutes before I feel the need for a stiff drink and a plush bar stool, I have a limited tolerance for meandering in and out of boutiques. 

But online is another story entirely.  I can hop from retailer to retailer with a flick of my finger, browsing hungrily (but away from the prying eyes of salespeople) for as long as my interest holds.  And not only am I hopping from retailer to retailer, but really from world to world.  I'm not bound by a particular neighborhood theme as I might be in say, the West Village (expensive chains) or Soho (varying degrees of chic).

Online I can start with the rarefied world of Vivre, flicking through pages of resort wear, hostess gifts, extravagant luggage and chunky, expensive jewelry which only the monied bohemian set could ever pull off with any sort of panache.   I could easily see myself in this Sag Harbor Tunic, lolling about the pool at a tasteful weekend home.

Perhaps as Babe Paley once did at Round Hill..

If I find that world becomes dull, I can bounce over to the internationally oriented Far Fetch and browse the edgier wares.  I have the inventory of boutiques in Copenhagen, Hong Kong, London and L.A. at my fingertips...with all that choice I am nearly drunk with the possibilities.  But it is this leather dress from Rika that I can't get out of my head.

Perhaps a bit warm for the unseasonable humidity we've been having?  No matter, it is a fantasy after all.  There is no humidity in my fantasy world.

Bored with clothes, I can easily make the switch over to the cheeky housewares at Horne.  How perfectly amusing is this fruit bowl?

It looks simultaneously like a massive hand cupping your spoils from the market and an abandoned banana bunch which has been forced into practical service.  It makes me laugh.

These sorts of perfectly white items always make me think of Swedish interiors (Emma's Design Blog showcases the most perfect examples) so I sidle on over to Swedishness to get my fix...

This Skultuna brass and white enamel bowl would look so perfect next to the bananas.  And that logo?  To die.  I am suck a sucker for a crown imprint on my dishes.

All of this emphasis on the kitchen puts me in a festive mood so I head over to one of my favorite little shops, Spartan.  I could happily purchase virtually everything on the site, but am always drawn most intently to these spanish wine glasses, which I was first introduced to through the always inspiring Remodelista.

Perfect for a party (I can spare my Riedels!), especially up on my roof deck.  Any unused glasses would quite adeptly shield a few votive candles from the occasional breeze, lending an undeserving sense of coordination to the night's gathering.

But enough about food, wine and social gatherings...I'm in the mood to adorn myself now.  I can't resist a bit of sparkle, especially around the face.  Roseark is always good for some shine, but it is not always an attainable shine, as they tend more towards real gems rather than imposters.  However, these single deco strand strand earrings would fit within most everyone's budget, even in these lean times.

But perhaps it is time to move on to something a bit darker, a bit sharper?  Made Her Think has such items in spades.  This ring for instance.

I love the vaguely brass knuckles vibe.

But at heart I'm a lover rather than a fighter, so I would of course have to balance it out with the kissing swallows.

A perfect souvenir from my virtual trip around the world.


Jane said...

Arrrrggghhh stop make it stop..

I too am impatient and disinterested in physical shops but online shopping is my downfall and I DON'T need any more credit card vortex places. And now I will just have to check yours out...

Mlle Paradis said...

you too? i found shopping in nyc exhausting too. i think it was the grid. you had to walk THE WHOLE BLOCK to get to that one great little place. And then ALL THE WAY down the other side of the whole thing to get to the next great little place.

i lived there a long time and felt like there were parts of the e. village that i never properly knew.

on the other shopping!? i have one word: carpal tunnel syndrome!

Mlle Paradis said...

on the other hand....i was a slimmer person in nyc with all that walking! tradeoffs!

Laura in Paris said...

Well, I see you're not short of ressources to shop on Internet!

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