Monday, May 31, 2010

Road Tripping

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, I think we all can agree that summer has indisputably started.  Sundresses, warm evenings, weekends lazing about in the sultry heat...and hot subway platforms and impertinent mosquitoes which have the nerve to fly 15 stories up (and into my apartment) that we will eventually need a vacation from.

So not only has summer started, but vacation planning has also begun in earnest.  Certain tools must be dusted off and employed. for airline fares, Tablet Hotel for the distinctly un-Marriot/Westin/Hyatt type accommodations, and my new favorite, via Michelin for planning road trips.

Type in a departure location and a destination, and dear old Michelin will tell you how far you'll be driving, how long you'll be driving, how much in tolls you'll be paying, how much in gas you'll be paying and where those pesky speed cameras are located.  You couldn't get such detailed information from even the most informed of locals.

So for a few unscheduled days I have in Europe this summer, I've been trying out a few virtual itineraries.  Do I drive from Paris to the Atlantic coast of France or take the train?

From the looks of it the 2 hour TGV beats the 4 hour drive and the 30 euro tolls.

Is a leisurely drive from Marseille to Nice realistic in 4 days?

The answer appears to be yes, but the summertime crowds are another story.  Epic, I'm told.

Lisbon to Madrid?  Doable, but why leave Portugal for a six hour drive?

Wherever I go (suggestions are welcome) there are bound to be a few surprises, but hopefully, with the help of Monsieur Michelin, none of them will be transport related...


C.J. said...

nothing more fun than a road trip! I love to get in the car with no destination in mind and just go, never have been disappointed.

Robin said...

I would seriously stay away from Nice in the summer.

Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

Suddenly a planned summer road trip to Newton, Iowa, home of Maytag Blue Cheese, sounds a little less glamorous. Nevertheless, we are huge fans of road trips of all sorts. Whatever you decide, have fun, Laura!

Laura [What I Like] said...

CJ - I'm afraid I'm not capable of being quite so laid back, but that does sound wonderful!

Robin - I know...I'm leaning towards the Ile de RE

Terry - I'm insanely jealous of the planned cheese trip!

Laura in Paris said...

Take the TGV! Road trips are no fun in summer in France ... you can rent a car at your destination

Angie Muresan said...

Oh how fun! Whatever you decide to do it will be wonderful and memorable.

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