Friday, May 15, 2009

What I Liked This Week

Smitten Kitchen has me craving brocolli with buttermilk dressing.

I have never before though of grilling fava beans, but I'm sort of convinced that the idea has merit!

A Bloomsbury Life waxes poetic about one of my favorite books, Nigel Slater's The Kitchen Diaries. I have been checking it out of the library for may actually be time for me to buy it.

English Muse is really making me wish I had a garden with all of her talk of her roses.

And Chateau de Lu has made me wish I was in the market for a sink.


The TownhouseLady said...

I tried the broccoli recipe by Smitten Kitchen and it's awesome. A great alternative to regular slaw and perfect as a side for summertime dishes.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

Thank you, Laura, for the mention! xx (I'm swooning over your rhubarb post and have to go make a comment there...!

Laura [What I Like] said...

Lisa - I know, I've become totally obsessed with rhubarb ever since I made that. I can't wait until I can get my hands on my next bunch! I adore your blog, and will now and forever.

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