Monday, November 24, 2008

Treat For Your Feet

I'm generally not one for chic grooming products.  I go through fits of being very concerned about what kind of shampoo and conditioner I use, but then I realize that my hair looks pretty much the same regardless of whether I use Pantene or Kerastase so I eventually revert to drugstore brands.  I occasionally enjoy the odd body scrub or the like, but for the most part I have a pretty simple routine that consists of Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil (do not be alarmed by the price, the large size will literally last you for a year), Weleda Almond Facial Oil (I discovered it when I was on an organic beauty product kick last year), Retin-A, Anthelios Sunscreen and Lac Hydrin Five body lotion.  I've simply found that for me, these are the products that actually have some sort of (positive) effect, which frankly, most of the expensive creams and lotions out there don't.

My one indulgence when it comes to the frivolous products that the multi-bazillion dollar beauty industry tries to foist on us unassuming consumers is Aveda's Foot Relief.

With the weather taking a turn for the absolutely freezing, my skin has been getting that cold-weather ashen cast lately so I've rediscovered pretty much every tube of moisturizer I own.  My reunion with Foot Relief was a particularly happy one.  Minty smell, thick, luxurious but easily absorbed consistency, and the exfoliants in the product actually do make your dried out rough feet smooth and generally presentable.  

Gentlemen, I would encourage you not to consider this "women's stuff" as some of you have got some pretty hoof-like extremities that could use some attention.   

If you need any further endorsement, I actually got my dad a tube of this as a mini retirement gift (now that he had time to put his feet up, I figured he might want something to pamper them with) and years later he actually still uses it!  This is a man who has used the same brand of shaving cream since 1971, who washes his hair twice a week whether it needs it or not, and is so frugal he actually carries around a collection of old coffee sleeves to use in case he gets a hankering for a cup while he's out.  If he is willing to buy and use a $19 bottle of foot lotion, it really is something special.

If you are the type to wear socks to bed, it is particularly effective if you put a healthy layer of lotion on prior to the socks.  You will wake up to surprisingly smooth and lovely smelling feet.  If, like me, you absolutely abhor socks, especially without shoes, using it in the morning before you put your socks and shoes on for the day is almost as good...after a long day the scent of your newly unveiled pepperminty feet can serve as quite the pick me up.  

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