Tuesday, November 25, 2008

All That Sparkles

Zenia is an excellent dinner guest.  She always brings over multiple wine options, rarely brings the same thing twice, and what she brings is interesting, almost always in a good way.  The only notable exception was a sauvingnon blanc that somehow tasted like dirt.  I think the guy in the wine store described it as "grassy".  Sorry buddy, not even close.  Because I love having wine brought to me, I make her come over most Sundays to eat with us (plus she's good company and watches the same Sunday night TV lineup that Paul and I do).

This past Sunday she really earned her keep.  In addition to a very pleasing sauvingnon blanc from South Africa (that did not taste like dirt), she brought over a bottle of prosecco for a bit of a celebration.  Now I've mentioned my love of prosecco before, but for some reason I haven't been drinking too much of it lately.  It started to feel a bit insubstantial, almost too frivolous.  Aside from the fizz, I've been finding that it doesn't make much of an impression in my mouth anymore.

Well, my world has been turned upside down by Zenia's most recent discovery:

Nino Franco "Rustica" Prosecco (non-vintage).  The bubbles are a tiny bit bigger than you normally find in prosecco, so you instantly take notice.  But beyond that, it actually tastes like something!  It is not simply refreshing!  It's fairly dry (though obviously not nearly as dry as a champagne), and tastes almost...I don't know...floral?...but fruity?  Clearly I have not missed my calling as a wine reviewer.  Just try it.  It is good.  You will be pleasantly surprised that prosecco can have this much going on.  And at $15.99 at Astor Wines & Spirits, you're not out too much if you're not as enamored as I am.

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