Friday, November 28, 2008

Temperley London: A Sale Worth Braving Soho For

I was wandering through Soho this afternoon after stopping in briefly at the Dwell Studio sample sale (by the way, note to Dwell, 50% off retail is not a sample sale) and found myself walking by the Temperley London store.  Or, rather the door that leads to the expansive, loft-like very stylish store on the second floor of 453 Broome Street.  And the word SALE was stenciled across the windows of the front door.  Hooray!

For those not familiar with this line, it is designed by an Englishwoman, Alice Temperley, who creates sort of a modern vibe crossed with Victorian crossed with a sort of Indian feel.  Don't really know how to explain it, other than that it's very feminine, but the clothes achieve this feel without ruffles or bows, which means that "feminine" is never, ever code for "childish".  

See (below)?  I mean how gorgeous?  It's in the store now and it even looks good on the hanger.

Same with this one:

Anyway, I love it all but the clothes have always been solidly out of my price range.  And at the current 40% off (plus the one day only extra 10% off) they still are.  But as the sale will be running through the end of December, I have high hopes that the discounts will become deeper and that the prices will become only vaguely out of my range.

But for those without student loans entering repayment, by all means, go there immediately.  And if you're currently shopping for a wedding dress you MUST go here.  I hate 99% of wedding dresses that I see (or at least am bored by them) and I loved the racks of white gowns they had in the corner.  LOVED.  Like, I would wear them to a party that wasn't my wedding they were that cool.

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