Monday, November 24, 2008

Sales, Sales, Sales

New York Magazine offers a good run down of upcoming sample sales here, just in time for Christmas (and personal) shopping.  Of the ones they mention I've only been to four, unfortunately I can't vouch for the others.  But here is a rundown of my past experiences:

I did very well at the Diane Von Furstenberg sale in July, but I will warn you that the shoppers are very single minded (read: CRAZY) so you need to brush up on your defensive moves prior.  Also, be prepared for the possibility of a long line outside, as well as for the dressing room Nazi.  The woman gives you fifteen minutes, no more, to try on everything you bring in.  And she means it.  She'll throw your ass out (whether it is clothed or not) when your time is up.
Sale runs 12/9-12/13, 260 Fifth Avenue.

Opening Ceremony is quite an avant-garde store, so you can score some very unique, interesting stuff there but I'll admit that a lot of it I just don't get (hello, $200 women's tighty whitey underwear from Germany?).  The clientele is painfully hip, so be prepared to feel less than chic as you sort through the merchandise.  Prices here are normally outrageous, but the sales generally allow for hefty discounts so you can shop like the cool kids...for at least a couple of days a year.  Sale runs 11/28-12/11, 35 Howard Street.

And Hanky Panky...well, I love the line, but I'm not sure I'd go to the hassle of going to the sale for $10 underwear.  I mean really, Century 21 and Loehman's get them for that price on a fairly regular basis.  But if you're in the neighborhood and there's no line...probably worth stopping in.  Sale runs 12/2-12/5, 260 Fifth Avenue.

Rogan's sale is well run, and when I went the crowds weren't too insane and there was plenty of dressing room space.  Unfortunately I discovered that I look ridiculous in Rogan jeans so the whole excursion was for naught.  But if you're narrow hipped and lean towards the tom boy end of the spectrum, this could be your pot of gold.  Or, I suppose if you are a man.  They have a pretty extensive men's line.  Sale runs 11/29-12/7, 91 Franklin Street.

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