Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Pickle Pot

In certain instances I am an intensely thrifty person.  Although I have no problem paying $12 per pound for really delicious italian sausage, I have been hesitating for at least a week about paying $6 to iTunes to watch the first two Mad Men episodes from this season that I neglected to DVR originally.

I like to think that it is this sort of counterbalance that keeps me in balance, emotionally, financially, spiritually.

After I cooked a decadent meal of braised short ribs with swiss chard and mashed potatoes for friends last Sunday to celebrate the premier of Boardwalk Empire, otherwise known as the return of good Sunday night HBO TV, I was left with two bunches of swiss chard stems.  To counteract the excesses of that evening, I simply had to do something useful with the trimmings that the meal had produced.

But what to do with a stem?  Luckily the folks at Gramercy Tavern are just as loathe to throw perfectly good veggie rejects away as I am.  And T Magazine was kind enough to report on it and provide the venerated establishment's new recipe for pickled chard stems.

Just as easy as can be to make, I am now popping these vinegary batons into my mouth on an hourly basis.  Far too delicious to resist.  But why try?


Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

A great, entertaining post, Laura, as usual. So many of your pieces like this have a "Goings on About Town" New Yorker feel to them. Regarding Mad Men, can you watch it on Hulu?

Sneaky Magpie said...

Mad Men is just getting better and better, the characters are stronger than ever (not sure how that's possible), love it. Your pickles sound delicious, and I really like the jar.

materfamilias said...

I've bookmarked this as we have Swiss Chard currently getting bigger by the day in a raised bed outside -- and what will I do with all those stems?!

As for budget counterbalancing -- I've been balancing your frugality, Itune-wise, with profligacy, working through some old Bones episodes at $2.49 a pop. Better go pickle some chard to make up!

Jaime said...

THIS! I have to make these! Such a great idea - thanks, Laura!

Oh and you should DEFINITELY splurge for the Mad Men eps! :)

Anonymous said...

The guy at the farmers market in Union Square told me to do the the same with radish greens. I did not believe him.
Vile Bodies is a great book which was made into one of the worst movies ever, so bad it could be considered a guilty pleasure but falls a bit short of that honor.
I'm glad your friend convinced you to write...
I will be back for more.
X David, NYC

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