Thursday, September 9, 2010

La Rentree

I have spent the entire summer complaining about the oppressive heat but now that the heat is giving way to chillier air I'm mourning the passing of the season.  I'm going to miss those warm nights, evenings hanging out on the roof and that odd day at the beach.  But I can take comfort in the fact that my last weekend of the summer was well spent.

Paul and I flew out to the land of my birth

to visit with my family and to meet my new niece.

Cute isn't she?

There were some foggy mornings

(view from my parents' front window)

(Grand Lake farmers' market, source for incredible nectarines)

but they almost always gave way to bright, sunny afternoons which were best spent outside.

There was Mexican food in the Mission,

(I highly recommend the pozole)

and the odd late night drink.

 (the new parents in the local tiki bar)

And lots and lots of time spent in my parents' back garden, lounging among the begonias and hummingbirds.  It was just as idyllic as it sounds.

And now I'm back in New York which has suddenly become intensely autumnal.  Which I love.  Or will love, rather, once I get over the shock that the change in seasons brings about.


Kay said...

I hear that! Although, from Oregon and recently there... I feel I brought the weather back with me... with cooler nights...

looks as if you had a wonderful time! Blesssings to your new niece...

(sigh) winter is right behind...

materfamilias said...

We've had some cool-ish days here lately, but the compensation last night was braised short ribs: definite fall food, mmmmm!

Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

What a lovely visit you had, Laura! A nice mix of everything--and all relaxing. Soon Marion and I head to Seattle, Portland and points in between for a vacation, our first visit there. We are totally excited.

Millie said...

The new little addition is scrumptious Laura! Looks like you got some quality bonding time happening.
Millie ^_

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