Thursday, September 16, 2010

One of a Kind

After waxing on about how thrilled I am for autumn, it is a bit ridiculous to tell you all about the fabulous custom made sandals I've just come across, but there it is, I'm more fickle than I'd like to admit. Or perhaps I'm just dreaming of the theoretical beach vacations I'll take during the depths of winter.

Either way, here's what happened. I was wandering along Fifth Avenue the other day and decided to pop into Bendel's for a quick look around. This is rather rare for me...Bendel's is fun and colorful and all, but I always feel absolutely ancient wandering around with the Chapin girls underfoot. But it was the end of summer and I figured that the young ladies would all be out in the Hamptons instead of on the accessories floor.

As is wont to happen, all of the departments had changed location since I had last been in. So in an effort to locate the cashmere sweaters I happened upon a very chic cobbler shop of sorts. Tuccia di Capri.

photo via here

These are the shoes that graced the pieds of all the beautiful people who used to vacation in Capri...Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, the types for whom a custom pair of shoes was not altogether unusual.  Now Bendel's is quite a bit less luxurious that the island of Capri, and your lunch hour is quite a bit shorter than a week's vacation, but if nothing else you can now at least mimic the footwear choices of the rich and famous.

photo via here

Pick from three different heel heights, from a myriad of straps and buckles and stand for a ten minute fitting.  Then less than an hour later you're on your way with a new pair of custom kicks!    

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Sneaky Magpie said...

Beautiful shoes, the designs are so timeless.

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