Monday, August 24, 2009

A Bit of Sunshine

The world is an uncertain place these days. I have friends that are doing well, who are getting new jobs that they're happy with, expanding their social circles, and finding joy in new experiences. And I also have a fair number of friends who are losing their jobs, wrestling with twenty and thirty-something angst and feeling generally beat down.

So are things improving? All of the country's best and brightest seem to think so, but I'll admit I'm unsure. Regardless, there is little that we as individuals can do other than endeavor to find pleasure and happiness in our own spheres. And as a red blooded patriotic American I feel it is my duty to do exactly that.

I have been so distracted by the beautiful summer fruit at the Greenmarket lately that the flowers had been sorely neglected. I haven't had fresh blooms in weeks! And my apartment was a bit downtrodden about the absence. But last Saturday, I suppose because the melons were few and far between, the dahlias caught my eye.

I couldn't resist this brilliant burst of sunshine for my bathroom countertop. My home is certainly a much more joyful place for it. And, happily, that joy has rubbed off on me as well.


Ashley Kay said...

Well sadly we can't have good without having bad because otherwise good wouldn't make any sense. I hope things get better for your friends though.

Ashley Kay

Amy said...

Those dahlias are beautiful! I adore flowers but alas! my cats will eat them. We tried placing some my husband brought home to me on the highest point in our home, a tall bookshelf, top shelf. Within 4 hours one of the cats was sitting next to the flowers, munching away! I have been researching life-like fauz flowers, there are some beautiful ones, silk, rather expensive but I hope to buy some soon. I think flowers look so pretty in a home and give it some life. I also thought maybe about a beautiful flowering hanging plant. I would just have to be sure to hang it away from tall furniture! lol

It's a tough time for a lot of people right now. I know of lawyers who are losing their jobs. I think (hope) we;re going to see better days soon, but it's difficult to see friends and family members going through difficult times. So we've got to find happiness where we can and a beautiful bunch of dahlias will do it!
Have good day!

Kay said...

you make me miss my own flowers, oddly, I think the exciment of fresh fruits and veggies have replaced them as for coming out of these troubling times, it is bound to happen, it is human nature to pull yourself back up when you have been knocked down, just sometimes we are challenged over and over one blow after another, but persistence is key. yeah, everyone will be just fine. :) i am confident in that.

La Belette Rouge said...

It is extraordinary what a simple thing like a flower by my bedside or taking the time to make a lovely meal can do to lift my sagging spirit. Those Dahlias are a lovely bit of sunshine. I am so happy they have given you some well deserved joy.

A World in a PAN said...

What a nice bouquet! I love having flowers in my bathroom; I have a few orchids because it's usually warmer tand more humid here than in the other rooms of my Paris flat. Yes,. enjoy those dahlias everytime you wash your hands.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Oh, I love the flowers. Sadly, for me ..all of mine are dried up and gone. This spring I had a whole fence covered in sweet peas, but, alas, the life of a gardener, I guess.
I wanted I went with a bouquet of dried cornstalks from my corn patch. I just can't bear to throw those stalks in the trash. If I am being perfectly honest about the situation, I really do grow the corn for the stalks for fall decorating...

As for everybody "down in the dumps"'s been no picnic over here either..but seems to be looking better.

Looking for happiness in simple baking bread and pies..and gathering corn stalks....

Best to everyone,

Dustjacket Attic said...

Flowers can be so uplifting, those are really sweet.

Millie said...

We were told last week that it was the women of Australia who have stopped this country sliding into a deep Recession. And according to the economic Rocket Scientists we've shopped ourselves right out of it. Go figure. Your flowers look delightful, spoil yourself more often Laura.
Millie ^_^

Laura [What I Like] said...

Ashley - True, true. And that is my hope as well!

Amy - What we put up with for the love of our cats. I grew up with some fairly odd ones so can certainly relate. And yes, it is shocking what a difference a mere flower can make isn't it?

Kay - Agreed, the fruits and vegetables are nearly as exciting, if not more so in a somewhat different way. And yes, you are most certainly right that everyone will survive. And now that panic has subsided, I think everyone knows that.

La Belette Rouge - Isn't it though? If I had a bedside table I would most certainly be following your lead!

A World in a Pan - Oh I adore orchids! And I love that you are a fellow fan of flowers in the bathroom...there aren't many of us!

My Farmhouse Kitchen - Yes, it does seem that gardening is an emotional rollercoaster at times, doesn't it? But I imagine that those cornstalks are quite the effective pick-me-up to counteract the effect of the now deceased sweet peas.

Dustjacket Attic - They have most certainly performed that function well.

Millie - Women saving the day yet again, hmmm? Hardly surprising!

Maria Killam said...

Love Dahlia's! They make me happy!

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