Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another Peek...

You've seen the innards of my refrigerator. It's a rather intimate place, and I feel that revealing it brought us all a bit closer. In an effort to continue to deepen the relationship, I thought I'd make another personal spot public: my bar.

One thing that strikes me when I look at this photo is that nearly everything represented here was a gift. The Dali print above the bar was a gift from Paul's parents. One day a few years ago I came home to find the bar itself and the Riedel glasses in my lobby. They, along with two cases of wine, were a thank you gift from a very generous older gentleman from Queens. I cannot recall what I did to deserve it, but I'm fairly sure that whatever it was I was not deserving of quite such a generous gift. Now I stock the wine rack with gifts from dinner guests, as my own purchases from the Green Grape and Winesby.com tend not to sit around long enough to be racked.

Thanks to some thoughtful houseguests, we have a vaguely absurd collection of Scotch and Irish (and even one Japanese!) whiskeys, especially considering that we rarely indulge in it.

In Paul's younger days he quite enjoyed a glass of the amber hued tipple, so whenever an old friend from London or Manchester comes to visit they bring one of his favorites. And since he now is more of a beer drinker, they are consumed by visitors more often than by either of us. The collection make us seem like better hosts than we actually are.

Our rum collection is nearly as large as our whiskey collection. Most of these gorgeous specimens are gifts as well, but more often from Paul's clients, many of whom seem to end up in distilleries in Puerto Rico more often than the average person would, and kindly think of Paul while they are in the retail shop

We are always happy to accept such generosity, especially when it is so delicious!

And then there is my "kitchen" section of the bar. Brandies, cognacs, sherries, orange liqueur...all wonderfully drinkable but somehow they seem to end up in cakes, tarts, preserves and pies more often than they do in a glass. Half of them I have pried my wallet open and paid for, the rest are of uncertain origins...various gift bags and whatnot.

And lastly, we get to the "party" section of the bar. The inventory here is mainly due to Paul's shamelessly claiming an untouched rider from someone's dressing room ages ago. That and my sister's generosity with one of her favorite vodkas...Bison Grass.

Neither of us can figure out where the bottle of Dom came from. The champagne fairy maybe? Whatever the origins it is, in this hot, sultry weather, crying out to be enjoyed. And those generous folks who knowingly or unknowingly stocked our bar deserve a hearty toast!


La Belette Rouge said...

We used to have a pretty well stocked bar( not that we ever used it. We kept our drinking to wine and beer and an occasional Jack and coke) so the many unusual liquors, aged cognacs and over sweet syrupy after dinner drinks just sat in a shelf. Upon making an across country move I decided to gift our bar to friends who might actually drink the stuff. Now our bar is one Costco bottle of Jack; one bottle of Grey Goose; assorted wines and proseccos; 3 bottles of champagne that we keep on hand for good news. It is not much, but its what we drink.;-)

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. Really nice to meet you. I will definitely be back to visit and see what else you like.

notSupermum said...

I wish the champagne fairy would come to my house. Can you send her along? The contents of my 'bar' consists of two bottles of mulled wine left over from various christmases.

Thanks for visiting my blog - I love yours, so interesting!

Lucinda said...

I too have a bar that could dizzy the neighborhood. Hubby makes a drink here and there but other than that the wine fridge gets the most use.

Dustjacket Attic said...

I'm always meaning to have a well stocked bar, I love your set-up. So sweet of that gentleman!

I have various bottles of rum, whisky,port etc usually had to buy it for some recipe or another!

Alaine said...

Wow, let's party! I noticed the Cointreau there; I used to love it until I had too many on the rocks one afternoon!

Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice words about my garden.

Laura [What I Like] said...

La Belette Rouge - I have a feeling that the next time I move that will be the case with me as well...and then I will begin to collect again the cycle will continue!

notSupermum - Thanks so much for the kind words, and I love mulled wine! Although maybe not so much during the summer. Next time I see the champagne fairy I will point her in your direction.

Lucinda - Seems that we all get into our "booze that lives in the fridge" ruts.

Dustjacket Attic - Yes, agreed...I need more friends like him!

Alaine - Oh I can imagine that might have been one painful afternoon! And yes, we do need to have a party. That generally is our response when the alcohol starts to take over the house.

wambalus said...

Hey why is my vodka still unopened? Crack it!

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