Friday, June 12, 2009

What I Liked This Week

In preparation for dinner at my place with Louise the other night, I swung by my favorite local wineshop, the Green Grape, which conveniently is located right between my office and my apartment to pick up a bottle.  I rushed in, slightly frantic, and asked for something cheap to go with clams.  The wine savant behind the counter steered me towards Broadbent Vinho Verde, which turned out to be delightfully effervescent, highly drinkable and $10 a bottle.  And now I have a new go-to summer wine.

For the fiscally conservative among you, I discovered a website this week that may become highly addictive.  Get Rich Slowly is a blog written by a man who was once in debt, got himself out of debt and is now the picture of frugality and prudence.  It's not as dull as it sounds, and has actually become one of my first-thing-in-the-morning websites.

I'm inexplicably compelled by the blog for Wool And the Gang, which is a design collective that sells hip knitwear, either ready made, or in kits if you prefer to knit your own.  Perhaps I'm into the blog because it is mostly pictures and very few words?  You need a reading break every once in a while, no?  Anyway, all of their wool comes from well treated animals in Peru, and supposedly Mary Kate and Barney's Julie Gilhart are fans, so I suppose I'm not alone here.  Oh, and my new favorite restaurant hosted their American debut recently!

And finally, the Amateur Gourmet gives us a recipe for the most refreshing drink ever...homemade gingerale!  Not that this gloomy weather necessitates it, but perhaps it can be used as some sort of inducement/ritualistic act to bring out the sun?

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Lee said...

Oooh, I love ginger ale so thanks for the tip on the ginger ale recipe. I'm going to try it out. Lee :)

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