Thursday, June 11, 2009

Art For The Masses

I love the idea of filling my walls with art.  Or rather, I love the idea of filling the walls of a lovely loft or townhouse that I fantasize will one day be mine with art.  As much as I appreciate the big windows and high ceilings in my apartment now, I'm not sure that a real work of art would feel at home with my parquet tile floors and fake chrome bathroom fixtures.  But then I discovered Jen Bekman's site 20 x 200, a site that democratizes art, selling pieces that range in price from $20 to $2,000.  Now a $20 or $50 piece would most certainly feel at home in my apartment, and in most others I would imagine.

For quite some time, each bi-weekly email that I received from her showcased works that I related to, that I could absolutely see buying, and I looked forward to seeing what she would come up with each time.  But then a fallow period came, and I became somewhat less addicted to browsing the site.

However, today the clouds lifted.  Not only did she have some charming prints that were new to the site, but some of my favorites which had previously sold out are back!

Christian Chaize fulfills my longing for the beach very effectively with these two photos for which I yearned for quite some time.

Perhaps now that they are back I should buy the pair to hang above my bed?

And I spent a month being completely enamored with this photo by Beth Dow

but couldn't justify the purchase since I wasn't sure where on earth I would put it.  And then when it quite predictably sold out, I was devastated.  But today I saw that it is back!  Apparently the photo is featured in the July issue of Martha Stewart, which I imagine made for quite a compelling reason to restock the print.  Whatever the reason, I am overjoyed by its return.

So get yourself over to the have no excuse for barren white walls any longer (nor do I)!


annechovie said...

I absolutely love those beach prints! Thanks for the great comment today, Laura! said...

I love it!!
Think I will just do that! I am going to buy it!!

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