Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bucking the Weather

I have had obligations (or perhaps "plans" is a more pleasant characterization) the past couple Saturdays and as a result have been missing my weekly Greenmarket runs. Luckily, my CSA box began last week so I have had ample fresh produce (mostly leafy greens, which frankly is a bit boring but I must have consumed more iron in the past week than I did in the previous month which I suppose is a positive).

However, as valiant as my last bouquet was, and with a lifespan of twelve days, the proud stalks really were quite stout-hearted, I still had been without blooms for longer than I preferred. So, despite the soul-dampening weather this weekend I was looking forward to my time at the Greenmarket.

In defiance of the cloudy skies, I chose a bouquet of cheerful sunflowers.

And thought they would be adorable on my bathroom sink, right next to the Alessi dental floss dispenser that my mom bought for me and my sister the last time she was in Paris. She said that they made her smile, and I have to agree. An appropriate accompaniment for the winsome bouquet.

Too bad my horrid faucet has to ruin it for the two of them.

But as one bucks nature at one's own risk, I felt it important to give a nod to the gloom with this bunch of green...branches, I suppose.

Quite appropriate to our northwest-like weather, don't you think? Deep green, in homage to the great June deluge. Charming, and almost boisterous I it betrayal to say that I may even prefer it to the chipper sunflowers?


The Townhouselady said...

I bought that same dispenser for my goddaughter. She's 6 now so I think it's time she learn the wonderful pain in the tush that is flossing.

Laura [What I Like] said...

What a great way to ease her into it!

pve design said...

I feel like I am living in a different land with all this rain. I wish I had a "singin in the rain" type of wardrobe and dance to go with!

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