Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time To Go

Yet another beautiful day in the Bay Area. It would be far easier to get on a plane today if it were not quite so glorious.

photo: Dad

Despite the temporary closure of the Bay Bridge (and the heretofore unknown rickety nature of the structure), all seemed to be well in Tiburon yesterday. The boats were zipping about, the sea lions were frolicking, and the pelicans were dive bombing in search of a fresh catch.

photo: Dad

My sister, contemplating the view (or perhaps the coffee house to her right), agreed.

photo: Dad

The day and the company was so lovely that even the worst bread pudding ever created could not dampen our spirits.

photo: Dad

After all, my mom and I were able to salvage a few edible pieces, and that is all one really needs when it comes to bread pudding anyway.

And the walk back to the car along the sun dappled streets provided the perfect excuse for me to try out my "red carpet" pose.

photo: Mom

Or perhaps the "minimize my hips and thighs" pose would be a more accurate descriptor? Either way, my dad proved to be an excellent escort.

I can at least take solace in the fact that the weather in New York is, from what I understand, beautiful. So perhaps that will ease the transition? No you say? I didn't think so either. Sigh.


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Laura,you and your mom and dad look so cute ! I just love it over the bridge. Enjoyed seeing the photos. I have spent alot of time in the city and dream of living there. Have family in San Anselmo/Ross actually...and more family over the bridge in Danville and Redwood City.

But I would love to live in New York City too. A brownstone? What do you do in the city?

More later,

Kristen M. said...

I have been thinking San Fran lately because, oddly, I've been craving sea lions. Really.

I love all of the photos from the various family members.

Millie said...

Lovely post Laura! I was speaking to one of my favourite client's here in Adelaide today, who's heading off to San Fran next week for a conference. She was telling me that she's been watching the weather & it looks to have been good there the past week. Looking at your pics, she's right. Isn't the world a small place! Oh & you look so relaxed!
Millie ^_^

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