Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fuzzy Wuzzy

I didn't grow up with parents that were particularly pro-fur. In fact, they were decidedly pro-animal, pro-conservation, and thus quite anti-fur. Perhaps it is odd then that one of the possessions that I remember with the greatest fondness growing up is a sheepskin.

My mother kept the family sheepskin thrown over the back of my grandmother's love seat in the living room, and my sister and I used to snuggle beneath it whenever the weather became chilly, even after we were far too big to comfortably fit beneath it.

I think at one point the original sheepskin became tatty (my sister and I perhaps loved it a tad too intensely) so a replacement was procured. The second one was loved a tad too intensely by one of our cats who was on the hunt for a furry companion (and who also was not the brightest feline I've ever come across). Eventually sheepskin #2 also went to the great barnyard in the sky and by that point my parents were empty nesters and I suppose had moved on from the pelt-in-the-living-room theme so there was no #3.

I thought that I had moved on as well, but recently as I was browsing the website of TOAST, one of my favorite online retailers, I found myself quite smitten with their reindeer skin.

Such lovely gradations of color, such luxurious looking fur...perhaps for my dainty (or not so) feet as I step out of bed in the morning? Like my parents, I am perhaps not someone that you would assume would have fur in the home, and until now I haven't. But I have to admit that I am now tempted. Seriously tempted.


Jeremy and Kathleen said...

I've been a vegetarian since I was 15 but cannot resist fur and leather. My cowhide rug is one of my most valued possessions and I would love a to have a larger fur blanket to cover my bed with. I can't help it! So, of course, I condone the reindeer skin.

wambalus said...

That is so strange, I was just thinking about that sheepskin and how weird and morbid it was (to me) to have such fond memories of it.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Wow..what timing...I'm on day 4, yea, day 4, of my new vegetarian kick...

I'm not sure about that reindeer skin...only because the reindeer isn't there anymore...but I bet it would be cozy on your toes on a frosty morning...

So I guess I'm on the fence.....

But I am going right now to check out TOAST !

More later,

Laura [What I Like] said...

Jeremy and Kathleen - Oh good! I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only hypocrite out there. Thank you for the words of support.

Robin - I know...it almost didn't register as animal skin for some reason.

My Farmhouse Kitchen - You're a vegetarian now?!! Definitely check out Toast, it is an awesome way to waste some time.

Susan's Snippets said...

Laura -

Thanks for stopping by Susan's Snippets - sorry that your first reading had to be so "crappy".

As far as fur goes...as a child I loved the softness of it, but as an adult I hate the deadness of it.

This post.....

i cannot toast

but maybe roast

beef that would be

with a nice au jus.

bless you

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