Friday, July 24, 2009

What I Liked This Week

The ever inventive Mark Bittman saves us from a summer of boring vegetables with 101 salad variations in this week's New York Times. I'm itching to try out at least half of them.

My sister alerted me to some cute, free organizational aids this week. Printable mini file folders! All you need to supply is your own chicly designed, heavy paper and you'll be on the verge of getting your life in order.

Terry at Blue Kitchen's got me in the mood for some fish stew with his intensely delicious looking recipe for bourride.

Although I think I may detest sardines, I am tempted to give them just one more chance with David Lebovitz's recipe for sardine pate. Perhaps the flavor will be just masked enough by the butter and shallots to be palatable?

And just as a follow-up to my declaration that I would be making Michael Ruhlman's sour pickles (no vinegar, you just let them ferment in brine for a week), I did indeed make them, and no word of a lie, they are some of the most delicious pickles I've ever tasted.


Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

Thanks for the reminder about Mr. Bittman's excellent list, Laura. I've just printed out a copy that I hope to shamelessly mine, both for dinner ideas and possible posts. And thanks for the shout out! The only credit I can take for my friend Mellen's delicious seafood bourride is restraining myself from eating it long enough to get a photo for the post.

Lucinda said...

You are killing me with the sour pickles...I am going to have to try it myself. Sounds amazing, I LOVE pickles.

Jane said...

HI! Thanks for the salad link. I don't read NYT online. And I really really really love salads. I like what you like!

Rebekka said...

Ok, those file folders are just TOO cute!!!!

Kristen said...

What a great blog - I am finding a lot of great links to click through!

Laura [What I Like] said...

Terry B - You did show considerable restraint, the photo was mouth watering!

Lucinda - I implore you to give them a try...really special pickles, if there is such a thing.

Jane - The man is prolific if nothing else, no?

Rebekka - I know, it almost makes me want to organize...almost.

Kristen - Thanks so much for the kind words! I've enjoyed discovering yours as well.

A World in a PAN said...

THank you for all these links!

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