Friday, July 31, 2009

Weekly Roundup

In theory I really enjoy sifting through yard sales, flea markets and antiques fairs, but in reality it is hot, dusty and tiring work. But no more! Vicky's Yard Sale, a site run by, unsurprisingly, Vicky, an artist based out of Los Angeles, takes the work out of it. She posts items on her blog, you either email her with your best offer or pay the posted price (see? just like a yard sale), and the item is shipped to you. Her collection tends towards art deco, but not exclusively. I personally have got my eye on this set of Edelstein plates, this brass creamer set, and this hungry bird Lenox vase. Items are updated weekly.

I love to complain vociferously about the lack of social grace I encounter. Not that I am the next coming of Emily Post, but I do feel quite strongly about the frequent and unabashed use of please, thank you and excuse me. Luckily, Social Primer cares even more than I do about manners, so he can rant for me, thus sparing my friends and family. From what to do with your silverware to how to be a good houseguest to how to double-book successfully, Social Primer has you covered.

As a food lover I read a ton of food blogs. I have a short list that I find to be consistently appealing both visually and gustatorially and I make a point to check them on a regular basis. I've recently added Lottie + Doof to that list. The blog is written by a Chicagoan who delights in food and food fueled social gatherings. His photos are gorgeous and quite cutting edge considering the subject, and I find his recipes delightful.

And, at long last, I've unpacked my teacups that my mother passed along to me last time I was in California.

Let the tea parties begin!


The Townhouselady said...

OMG! Vicky's yard sale is phenomenal! Thanks for the heads up on that.

Lissa said...

such a cute tea cup collection.

Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

The tea cups are beautiful, Laura. We have a similarly lovely mismatched set that Marion has collected over the years. Just as tantalizing to this New Yorker wannabe, though, is the glimpse of your apparent city view out the window.

Laura [What I Like] said...

Townhouselady - I know, right! There goes all my disposable income.

Lissa- Thanks, although I really can take no credit for it.

Terry B - I assure you, it is nothing too spectacular. Unless you like water towers and ventilation shafts. Oh and office buildings from the 80s.

Farmhouse Kitchen said...

How much fun is Vicky ! I LOVE her..Thanks for sharing....
And I too have "Living in New York Envy". I love your view...looks so "city" to me.

Were you living in California ?

Have a great Last Day Of July !


Laura [What I Like] said...

Farmhouse - I really think her selection is great, I'm glad you're enjoying it as well! My view is quite "city"...I do occasionally yearn for a more "country" view though I must admit! And yes, I grew up in the Bay Area but left when I was 18. If I could split my time between the two coasts my life would be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Love your tea cups! Maggie

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