Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back Home

Ah, back in New York. When I left two weeks ago the city was dreary and water logged, seemingly stuck in the cruelest part of spring. But during my time away everything has burst into bloom. My herb box, cared for in my absence by a lovely young Australian rugby player, has become positively bountiful. Even my lemon verbena, which had been looking pitiful before my trip, has put up several new branches.

And the farmers market this morning was inspiring. The weather was sunny and comfortably warm and all of my favorite fruits and vegetables seem to be making their debuts. The peaches, blueberries, raspberries and tomatoes are all starting to roll in, and my favorite cherry purveyor at the Greenmarket, The Cheerful Cherry, has burst onto the scene with all sorts of gems. Dark cherries, Queen Anne cherries (they look like the Rainiers I first tried as a child on a family trip to the pacific northwest) and sour cherries. I feel that I should be making a clafouti! Instead, I bought a quart of the dark variety with which to try out one of Eugenia Bone's recipes in her exciting new book Well-Preserved, which serendipitously arrived in the mail while I was away.

I suspect that I will be eating just as many as I preserve, in red wine or otherwise.

And the kirby cucumbers, which are perfect for pickling, have arrived as well! I fervently adore both eating and making pickles, so my favorite season has officially arrived. Today I plan to give Michael Ruhlman's tarragon pickles a try. Paul, a great detester of pickles, will be quite thankful that he is in England for another two weeks.

Alright, off to find a cherry pitter and to enjoy a lovely day before the rains come again!

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