Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's Official

Fall has a certain romance to it, just I suppose, as does spring.  And everyone has a favorite way of marking the transition to the new season.  Perhaps it is the first day you switch from your cotton blazer to your leather jacket, maybe it is when the final tomatoes of the season have left the market and apples take their place, or perhaps it is the first day that you wake up at your normal time and the sun has not fully risen.

For me it's slightly different.  The first day of my fall is the first night we don't have to run the air conditioner in the bedroom.  Our bedroom runs hot since the room has no windows, which means that we have to do odd things like run a humidifier (I'm totally in love with our new one, I find it adorable) to combat the dry fall air simultaneously with the air conditioner to combat the heat.  It also means that I don't pick up on the start of fall until about six weeks after it has occurred.  But no matter, the air conditioner-free day has finally occurred.

The days are well and truly crisp, and the nights are bordering on cold.  Which has me thinking about cozy evenings curled up on the couch with a glass of wine and a good movie.  As I was conjuring up this idyllic scene I realized that any and all outfits that I have to go with it are tragic.  Old yoga pants, Paul's sweatshirts which are many sizes too large for me (but oh so comfy)...not a good look for a gorgeous yet nippy evening.

Cashmere is really more the move than pilling cotton, don't you think?  Like this luxe, softer than soft take on harem pants.

Naturally paired with this devastatingly comfy cardigan.  With this in my lounging arsenal I might never leave the house.

See how these two items simply belong together?

I mean how warm and happy does she look?

But I simply can't stand socks without shoes, so to keep my tootsies warm I would have to top the ensemble off with these slippers, an appropriate nod to my tiny bit of Russian/Polish (no one really knows which one it is) heritage.

And for the next big transition?  I am officially coveting this linen nightshirt for the warming trend that will occur six months from now.

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