Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Women

I like to think that if only I had the clothing budget, I would most certainly be devastatingly chic. I would have all sorts of edgy $3,000 blazers and no end of over the knee boots (the cool kind, not the Pretty Woman kind). Instead I must make do with the odd sample sale best find being my Henry Duarte leather jacket which gets a lot of use when I feel like upping the tough-but-feminine vibe. But mostly I live vicariously through sites like Garance Dore and Jak & Jil Blog, admiring the look of those who have either more money or innate style (or sometimes both) than I.

As I troll these sites I've gotten to recognize the characters that inhabit the impossibly chic worlds that are being documented. There are many beautiful people, but only a few who really stand out to me, who stick in my mind even after their images are no longer in front of me. Emmanuelle Alt is one of those I just can't get out of my head.

Whether she is being ladylike...

or distinctly edgy...

...the Fashion Director of French Vogue is always compelling to watch.

I love this punk-yet-ready-to-take-on-the-world aura she has going here. I am officially obsessed with the shoulders on that jacket and the idea of the strategically ripped t-shirt.

And I point this image out only because I adore this Balmain jacket (one of the ones I would own had I the budget of course).

The most beautiful image of this woman is over at Garance's site, I trust you agree she is stunning?

Anna Dello Russo, the fashion director of Vogue Nippon, is another one of these hopelessly cool woman that I just cannot get enough of.

She's outrageous,




and just frilly enough to intrigue.

As I pored over images of these women, I stopped for a moment to consider why I was doing so. What made them so interesting to me (and also, apparently, to the loads of bloggers who document their movements)? The closest I could come to an answer is that, tempered with a clear intelligence, they project a stunningly high level of comfort with themselves, which is incredibly rare to see.

They obviously care about their appearance, and they like how they look. They are happy to wear outrageous or unusual outfits, unafraid of the reaction. They show off their bodies without fear (although frankly, with legs like those there's not much to be afraid of). They go out without much makeup and with undone hair and look better than those who've spent hours in hair and makeup. And most importantly, they haven't fallen prey to that terrible affliction that has befallen so many New York and Los Angeles women of a certain age, a reliance on various facial fillers and other injectables. Their faces look like their own and it makes them absolutely irresistible.

Carine Roitfelt, the editor of French Vogue, falls into this category of effortless, smart cool as well I think. I love her roots.

As does the luminous Tilda Swinton. I could gaze at her face for ages.

And Cecilia Dean, one of the founders of V Magazine, is totally fascinating to me. She's gorgeous but I've never seen her with a spec of makeup or her hair in anything other than a bun or ponytail, and she seems totally unconcerned with her innate coolness (which she has in spades).

And last but not least, the fabulous Daphne Guiness. If nothing else she challenges us all to get a little more creative with...well, everything.

So, a very belated New Year's resolution. I will be daring, I will be unconcerned, and I will somehow, someway, find a way to get that Balmain jacket in my closet. Are you with me?


Jane said...

Oh yes I love that Balmain jacket too. I think you have picked well as all those women ARE very alike in their style and confidence.

They all have a bit of goth in them actually..

Daphne Guiness regularly sells her stuff online, at least twice that I know of through one of those English auction houses I wish I could remember the name because the things they sold were just amazing.


Kay said...

Agreed! that balmain jacket would be a great addition to the closet, even better on my back! sigh

On another note, natural beauty is by far much more radiant!

Laura [What I Like] said...

Jane - I will be indebted to you forever if I ever find something fabulous and appealingly priced at one of those sales!

Kay - Isn't it though? Having just watched the Oscars, where, other than Carey Mulligan (who I adore, her outfit was fantastic), there wasn't too much natural beauty, I feel the contrast is especially clear.

myletterstoemily said...

you have a great eye!

thanks for pointing out
all the fashion bullets
i miss.

French Fancy said...

I wonder what their lives are like - it must be so wonderful to be effortlessly sophisticated and what's more to be given most of these clothes free of charge. Plus they were lucky enough to have a good body to start with.

How the other half live, eh? I wish I was part of their world, if I'm honest.

Angie Muresan said...

Anna Dello Russo is my fave! I am in awe at how fearless she really is.

Jane said...

hi Laura

I found the wbesite I was thinking of its

AMAZING vintage clothes auctioned in London

Really (relatively) cheap too.

Laura in Paris said...

I had fun reading your post!

Kristin said...

Carine never ceases to amaze me!

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