Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friends Online

I have to admit that when I began blogging, I felt a bit sheepish about it. I wasn't (and still am not) a huge technophile. I'm a pathetic Facebook member, I rarely gchat anyone and I just realized that now that Paul is out of town I won't be listening to any music until his return as I have no idea how to turn on our stereo system. Clearly, I was not a natural blogger.

But I quickly found that I enjoyed the whole culture of the blogosphere. The connections I've made online with all of you have made the whole experience so wonderful for me and trolling for new blogs is now one of my favorite pastimes. But funnily, none of my "real life" friends have that much to do with any of this. A few of them are devoted readers, but for the most part the two worlds remain separate for me. Until now.

One of my most witty and erudite friends has started his very own blog! My favorite Toronto resident Rob was apparently so impressed by my breadmaking adventures that he was compelled to purchase a breadmaking book several months ago.

He was so intent on learning everything in the book that he never quite got around to the actual baking. But as he has titled his blog "Rob Making Bread" I can only assume he has serious plans to turn out some crusty loaves. So Rob, here's your official welcome to this wonderful world, and here's hoping that your second post won't be too long in coming.


Anonymous said...

I'm a technophobe too --
can't even turn on the TV...
Blogworld is really quite fun.I started when we lived in Morocco and I had a lot of spare time.
I have made both blog and real world friends.

Robin said...

You are truly a terrible facebooker. But awesome in person.

Rob said...

Thanks for the post Laura - you're a great friend. Erudite is also a great word (I had to look it up, but i like it).

Always enjoy reading your blog.

French Fancy said...

I love the blogosphere, even though for the first three years I had hardly any comments. I just treated it as an online journal - then, when I began getting comments *and* followers it was like the proverbial icing on the cake.

I also love Facebook but not Twitter

myletterstoemily said...

hi laura! i'm lea. nice to meet you!

i feel exactly the same as you. once
i started to call my non-blogging
friends, my human friends. which
makes my blogging friends what?

quickly erased that.

i am enjoying your blog and look
forward to future visits.


Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

I totally agree about the real connections we make here in the blogosphere, Laura. And when I've met fellow bloggers, I've never been disappointed. I also share the phenomenon of having very little overlap between "real life" friends and blogging friends. Regarding myletterstoemily's comment, I work in advertising and for a few years was so into it that I mainly wanted to socialize with people in the business. I referred to everyone else as civilians.

Laura in Paris said...

I enjoy blogging .. but have no facebook profile - and don't wanna have one! Take whatever I enjoy - and leave what I do not enjoy!

The Zhush said...

New to your blog (and still kind of new to the whole blog world) this post struck a chord with me. The whole post is me to a tee! None of my real world friends really read my blog (unless I call them on it) and I too am so low tech, its a wonder I even have a computer, never mind my own blog...anyway...loved this. Off to convince a friend of mine to start her own blog as well!

Angie Muresan said...

Your blog is one of the best, Laura. And I keep hoping you'll put together a book filled with your thoughts and your recipes.

LOVE Facebook!

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