Thursday, October 9, 2008

Everything Old Becomes New Again

One Saturday a few weeks ago, Amy and I were having a wander after a leisurely brunch at Cookshop, and eventually found ourselves in Soho.  Since we were down there, she insisted on showing me her favorite furniture store, Depression Modern.  

Given that Amy's taste is impeccable, and I was fairly sure she wouldn't subject me to anything in the much reviled (by me, that is) Pottery Barn/Restoration Hardware/Crate and Barrel genre, I was more than happy to oblige.  

As promised, this store is an absolute gem.  The pieces all look like they are straight out of a very chic house from the 1930s (in some cases they are, but everything is beautifully restored).  Lots of clean lines, high gloss finishes and rich dark woods.  The pieces seemed consistently to be solid and well-made, which frankly I find to be an increasingly rare thing, even at high end stores.  And the best part?  The prices are actually REASONABLE.  No $10,000 dressers here.  ABC Home and others, it wouldn't hurt to take a page from Depression Modern's book!        

One insider tip that Amy let me in on:  they get a new shipment in every Saturday, so get there early and go straight to the basement for first dibs.  Everything not sold over the weekend gets moved upstairs to their showroom.

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