Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Grand Tour: Getting There

After a wonderful matrimonial weekend with all of the people we love most in the world, Paul and I were ready to jet to India on a two week honeymoon.  After bidding our families goodbye, we headed out to JFK, clutching a wad of wedding gift cash and our carry ons.

The trip started off marvelously when the kind folks at British Airways upgraded us to business class.  After changing our wedding dollars into rupees, Paul and I went to the business class lounge to take advantage of the comfortable chairs, nice buffet and free snacks.  I loaded up on said snacks to Paul's great bemusement...tacky perhaps, but who knows when a giant ziploc bag full of crackers and granola bars will come in handy?  Piece of evidence number one that I'm turning into my parents I suppose.

Soon we were happily ensconced on the plane, taking full advantage of our flat beds.

Before we knew it, we were landing in Delhi.  Reading our guidebook on the airplane we discovered that it is in fact illegal to bring rupees into the country, so after a moment of total panic we divvied up our cash between hidden pockets in my purse, jacket and Paul's pants.  The security guards in the spanking new Indira Gandhi airport didn't seem to care about our contraband and we left with our driver without incident. 

Exhausted after the flight, we fell into our bed at the serene Manor Hotel and slept through 'til morning.

Having blown our plan to "get up early and see Delhi" (ha!) by sleeping in, we instead lazed around the hotel...

...took a walk around the genteel Friends Colony neighborhood...

...while heeding some excellent advice...

...and then returned to eat a breakfast so flavorful and delicious that three months later I still think about it with longing.  Paul declared it the best Indian food he'd ever had.  The trip was off to a good start.

After partaking in many glasses of gorgeous fresh fruit juices and basking in the incredible hospitality of the hotel staff, it was time to head into town and check things out.  Our chariot awaited.


Sneaky Magpie said...

Can't wait for part two. The hotel and its neighbourhood look amazing.

Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

Off to a great start! I was recently bumped up to first class on a much shorter flight--it was wonderful!

Jenny Woolf said...

Cool car!

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