Sunday, August 22, 2010

From the Days of Old

I always bristle a bit when I hear reference made to this thing with women and shoes.  It feels dismissive somehow, implying that all women have this frivolous relationship with inanimate objects, and that we lose all control over a good pair of stilettos.  But that said, when I think back on the memories I have from childhood, a striking number of them do include a pair of shoes.

I recall annual trips to the shoe store in Berkeley to pick up saltwater sandals, or perhaps some jellies, for the summer.  I recall being inordinately proud of my pair of pink sneakers with bits of pink satin on the outside of each foot, and I loved my little slip-ons from Esprit.  But the name that I recall as a standout in the world of children's shoes was Bass.  It evokes the sensible, well-made styles that my parents always approved of and were happy to provide to me and my sister.  And I have many recollections of my friends' moms wearing those leather criss-cross Bass flip flops, and my grandma wearing those cute little lace up leather sneakers that they make as well.

But to my utter shock, Bass is not only still around, but also has some surprisingly hip options for the adults that remember the brand from their childhood, or for those who simply remember the shoes from earlier days.

Bass is riding the resurgence of the brogue and the current infatuation designers seem to have with the 1950s with this cute little number:

At $69 the price is certainly right.

And can't you just see these on a downtown hipster paired with shorts, a blazer and a great pair of legs?

But my favorite is this one.

Ideally I'd be tromping through the misty moors of Scotland in this boot and a Barbour coat, but given my lack of a country estate, I'd settle for wearing these on a tromp through the east village on a nippy Sunday afternoon with a smart pair of rolled up jeans and one of those gorgeous sheepskin Burberry coats that I have been coveting intensely despite the steamy summer temps.  Now that there is the odd bit of fall in the air here and there, I feel the purchase is justified.  I'd better do it quick before the 90 degree days return!


Emma said...

Bass instantly makes me think of school shoes! I had no idea that they made anything else!

Je m'appelle Cynthia said...

I had a pair of Bass shoes that reminded me of bowling shoes. They were my back to school shoes for my first day as a high school freshman.

French Fancy said...

Oh I adore those two tone boots, they are so 'me'. I have such a shoe thing and I blame it on the fact that I am a yoyo dieter whose little feet have remained constantly minute. Thus they have to be treated to new shoes and boots as often as I can manage.

Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

Regarding the thing with women and shoes, Laura, "if the shoe fits..." My daughter Laurel has had the "shoe disease" from a very young age. Once when she was maybe eight or so, we were walking down Michigan Avenue in Chicago and passed a shoe store with its doors open. Its air-conditioning was blowing cool, leather-scented air out onto the sidewalk. Laurel stopped in her tracks, inhaled deeply and proclaimed, "I love the smell of shoes and shoe stores!"

Karen Wallace said...

Love these shoes. Warmly, Karen

Joanna said...

I hear you on the shoes thing. I find it so demeaning. Not every woman is obsessed with $300 shoes! But having said that, nothing punctuates an outfit quite like a pair of beautiful (and comfortable!) shoes.

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